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Looking back at our history

while focusing on our future


In 1885 eight people formed the Swedish Baptist Church in a predominately Finnish community. Our first building was erected in 1986 on a piece of land gifted by Oscar Abrahamson.

From 1950-1960 Edgar Berglund from Lakeside Church came as the first long-term resident pastor. In his first years, he was also attending Bethel Seminary and came to the church on weekends. In 1953 the Washington School on Airport Road was purchased. This was a three-room facility, two for Sunday School rooms and one for the sanctuary. There was no bathroom or running water in the building. This building was used until 1965.

1965 a new church was built on four acres of land donated by Audie Kortesma.

1969 Joseph Brygger began his ministry at Grace. This was a prosperous time at Grace.

After Joe Brygger concluded his pastorate in 1995, Grace went through some troubling times. Many members left the church, so a conflict resolution team from GLBC was called in to help resolve the issues.

2005-2006 - Dale Johnson began his ministry at Grace. Unfortunately, Dale’s ministry was cut short due to terminal cancer.

2007-2020 - Tom Blomberg began his ministry. This marked a new path for Grace. Attendance and giving increased. Building plans resumed on a gift of land from the Dottie Ledin family. On June 7, 2017, volunteers from Grace broke ground on the longstanding dream of a new facility with exposure. After a couple of grueling years, we were approved to move into our new facility. Our first service was held on 12/22/2019. For the most part, this was a massive undertaking built by volunteers.

August 2021 - 

Pastor Lars Dahl, his wife Sarah, and daughter Lizzie began their ministry.... 

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